Clinton Masonic Temple, 416 S. 1st St., Clinton, IA

Vendors and Classes

Kae Apothecary

Hand made self care products.

Class Description: We are passionate about meditation, and today, during this day of high vibes and bustling activity, we thought it would be nice for just a few minutes to sit in meditation together. During the class time, we will be guiding you through our favorite meditation called, Be The Mountain.

Katherine Metcalf

Katherine is an Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor with 25 years of experience as an Intuitive Consultant.  She will be offering 20 minute Astrology and Tarot readings at her booth.

Class Description:  What's up with the planets? An astrology forecast for 2018-2019.


Angelic Readings by Teresa

Angel Readings, Reiki, Medium

Teresa will be providing a 20 minute gallery angel reading during the class time.

Energetic Transformation

Mary will have a zero gravity chair available for some energetic healing time.

Due to health issues, Mary has had to cancel.

Greywolf Holwing

Greywolf is a Spiritual Psychic and Reike Master.  She is a also Sun Dancer.  She reads Animal Spirit cards and Magical Mermaids and Dolphins cards.  She channels Geromino who will answer your question.

Infine Living Center for Holistic Experience

 Rochel discovered medical Qigong, a 5000 year old energy medicine, and has studied extensively for 11 years.  She has become a master healer and certified instructor of Qigong.   She is a metaphysical minister and medical intuitive who excels in helping clients release buried pain through a combination of Intensive Emotional Release Therapy, Qigong, and crystal and sound healing.   She will be leading a class on Opening Your Psychic Gifts with Hemp Oil.

Vendors and Classes Continued

Anita Shekinah

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Kathleen Collins

Kathleen is a Shaman, and leads journeying workshops.  She works with helping your find your spirit animal.  She is leading a class on Soul Retrieval.

Lauracle Compassional Psychic Guidance

Laura channels messages from your Fairies, Angles & Guides.  She will be  doing  a class on that topic.

Reiki by Heather

Heather is offering Reiki and crystal distance Reiki and tarot readings.  Heather is leading a class on Worry Tree Meditation.  Leave your worries behind in this class.

Marilyn Elliott

Marilyn is a psychic, intuitive and medium who will provide reading to connect with those who have crossed over.  She is also a Healing Touch and Reiki Practitioner.

The Joyful Journey Shamanic Healing

As shamanic practitioners, we release traumatic imprints and intrusive energies from your light body so you are free to go in a new and joyful direction. We can perceive traumatic imprints in your energy field which may cause you to become stuck in unwanted habits and interfere with your ability to move on in life. They can drain your vital energy, cause pain or illness, and create low self esteem and negative emotions.

Angel and Steve will be leading a class entitled How Andean Energy Healing Brings Freedom and Empowerment.

Vendors and Classes Continued

Unity Center

Our mission is to be a loving community that nourishes spiritual growth through learning, prayer, meditation, and positive thinking.   It is a diverse, open and affirming community that welcomes you wherever you are on your spiritual path.  We believe in one Power, honoring Divinity in all and inspire personal transformation by living Unity principles.

Rev Kev

Rev Kev is not your ordinary Rev.  

 Absolute Journey offers guidance and spiritual healing through meditations, lessons, affirmations, and spiritual coaching.

Absolute Journey’s site is an answer to Spirit’s call to create a means to reach people all over the planet and assist them with their spiritual awakening.  Channeled messages and meditations are available on our site.  

Crystals and stones will be for sale and Rev Kev will be leading a class on Angels Around Us.

Sue Van Buer

Sue Van Buer and Becca Frometti are Health and Lifestyle coaches who want to help you be your best self.  They will offer two classes.  One, The Amazing Mind Body Connection and two, Optimizing the Power of Food.  

Mamma Moon Herbals

Donna will help you learn about herbalism in the class she will host.

Alice May

Before and after the Gallery Event, Alice will be available at her booth for private readings.

Mystic Chocolate

Artisan, stone-ground raw chocolate. Infused with Medicine Flower Genuine Flavors Extracts & Essences and energy of Tensor-Ring technology & quartz crystal 

Vendors and Classes Continued

Willow Cypress Spiritual Inspirations

Paige will provide a class on Practical Meditation.  She also reads tarot and oracle cards.

Rina Jensen, Resiliency Coach

Rina is a Resiliency Coach specializing in self-awareness and confidence. She works with women to find their inner Badass. She defines Badass as 'A woman who does not let fear guide her. She embodies grace in stressful times. She is fluent in self-love and is authentic in everything she does. Having a big heart full of love - not only for herself, but others as well - despite life's events and society's expectations."  

Class description - The Self-love Process: You have more power than you know! Learn the difference between Traditional Power and Personal Power and some techniques to start loving yourself a little more. We will use mediation and psychology to tap into and grow your personal power. 

Smooth Gait Ranch

Dr. Ron Deyo teach people that they can be in charge of all aspects of journey toward health and wellness.   Dr. Ron will provide Live Blood Cell Analysis which provides information about your cell health.  He will also provide an Healing Energy Class for those who want to learn more about safe, simple home-work activities to improve their life.

doTerra Essential Oils

Peaceful River Creations is proud to carry doTerra Essential Oils.  Stop by and learn more about how to use essential oils to improve your life.

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Vendors and Classes Continued

Treasure Chest

Kathy Eilers is a psychic, medium, and intuitive that has a direct connection to the other side. She has always had the gift of her psychic abilities. She is clairvoyant - clear seeing, clairsentient - instant knowing & clairaudient - clear hearing. Kathy is an empath, a Shamanic Healer and a Reiki Master Teacher. 

Kathy brings comfort in her readings by answering questions, bringing forth loved ones & finding guidance for you. 

Phoenix Gifts

Phoenix Gifts will have many gifts items for sale including dream catchers, incense, sage, stones, wands, jewelry and more.

Toadily For You Gifts

TOADILY= To Obtain Absolute Divine Insight Loving You!   Rev Jamie Lynn is a Reflexologist, Angel Practitioner, and Faith Healer. 

Relax & Revitalize, LLC

Exie is a Reflexologist and a certified oil coach.  She helps people using knesiology techniques and make recommendations for healing modalities.

Reiki by Ronda

Ronda offers Reiki sessions inside Peaceful River Creations.  Come experience the healing and stress relieving benefits and then you can book regular sessions for your improved health and wellness.

Peaceful River Creations

We are proud to bring you the Body, Mind & Spirit Expo!  We will have a table that showcases many of the items we sell in our store.

Vendors and Classes Continued

Open Lotus Massage

JoAnn will be doing Sound and Vibrational Therapy using tuning forks.

Love Lingo Positive Apparel

 Making the world a more loving place is my mission. David is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Master Reiki Teacher (R) and a Medical Reiki Master (TM).   Elevate your good vibrations and stimulate positive change in your life by wearing and surrounding  yourself with my unique loving  "Love Lingo " design.  ( shirts printed both sides) 

Home Depot

Home Depot will be teaching you about how to have a healthy, organic garden. 

Omar's Touch Therapy

Release stagnant energy from every cell.