Clinton Masonic Temple, 416 S. 1st St., Clinton, IA

Psychic-Medium Gallery Event in Clinton

What is a Gallery Event


In a group setting, Psychic-Medium Alice May, will help people to connect with their Loved Ones, Angels and Spirit Guides on the other side with evidential and validating information that only the person and spirit would know to be true.  Gifted since childhood, Alice May can see, hear and feel spirit.  Her abilities bring forth comfort, healing and messages from above touching the hearts of all those who attend her galleries.  Join us for this very enlightening experience with Spirit!  Each person attending this event will walk away uplifted and inspired by Spirit.

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About Alice May


As a young girl growing up in Duluth, MN., angels appeared to Alice May during some family hardships and difficult times. They brought her great love and comfort. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Alice May had many profound precognitive dreams and psychic experiences in which she accepted as a part of normal life. The words (psychic and paranormal) were not in her family's vocabulary or understanding. Yet, Alice May continued to grow with insight of intuition, clairvoyant, clairsentience and clairaudience abilities. She discovered that it made some people uncomfortable so she learned at a young age to keep many experiences close to her heart and to herself.

Alice May also had a great love for children so after she married she began a Child Care Service in her own home which she managed for 35 years in Minneapolis, MN. She received the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the year 2008 for all her years of service. Alice May has now retired from her business of child care. She will do psychic and mediumship work on a full-time basis.  

Her Studies


Throughout the past few years, Alice May in her own personal growth and understanding of her abilities, has studied psychic and healing deverlopement, attended lectures and study courses with psychic's Sylvia Browne, Echo Bodine, James Van Praagh and John Edward.  Although Alice May had no intentions of her own to do psychic and mediumship work on a professional level, she believes she has been led to do so now.

Through the guidance of her own angels and spirit guides, Alice May, has helped to bring messages of love from departed loved ones to her many clients.



I have been to see you a few times and always love your energy and what you say and messages to pass on.  I just want to let you know how spot on you were the last time i saw you (Nov. 2013)! You told me and my fiance, Rich that there was a soul ready to reincarnate.  I said no way Smile because I have a little boy who was almost 1 year old and i swore i was done having children for good (i have 3 children total)!  I just found out that i am pregnant!!  I honestly don't know how it is possible as we took precautions to avoid this!  It must be divine intervention!  I don't know how else this could be possible!  Thank you Alice!  You are amazing! - J.H., Sioux Falls, South Dakota 2014 

I met you at the Natural Healing Psychic Expo in Mankato, MN in November.  I was concerned for my job/career and I was quite nervous about it.  You picked up on my body's nervousness and assured me that my job was secure.  That all the management issues would be resolved, although some may be let go of due to financial issues within the company.  That my position was firm, due to my hard work and effortsI  I just want you to know, that the developments did indeed take place as you stated.  My position is secure and I am at peace.  Thank you.  J.E., Mankato, MN. 2013

I want to thank you for your heartfelt reading you gave me in March.  My father and brother came through clearly with full description of how they appeared in life.  I have missed them so much and had been praying for them in hopes to hear from them.  The messages came with many validations of which I have been experiencing in life.  Such as my marriage and difficulty with my son.  Now I understand the core of his issues.  This reading was what I needed and I am so glad I met you.  You are truly gifted.  Thank you.  A.B., Rice Lake, WI. 2013

I met you in Sioux Falls, SD. recently at the BodyLabusa Holistic Healing & Psychic Fair.  It was so exciting to be there, my 1st time at any event such as this.  The Gallery you did was so interesting and I was shocked at some of the things you said or told to the ones you read.  It was very moving to know that life continues, our loved ones are safe and you seemed to calm my soul.  I have always been so afraid of dying.  I will look at this in a different light now.  Blessings.  L.S., Sioux Falls, SD. 2013

Ticket Information

Tickets are $25 in advance.  Ticket sales will be available at the door if it is not sold out.  You can buy your tickets on EventBrite at the link below or at Peaceful River Creations, 243 5th Ave. S., Clinton, IA.  Please call for more information, 563-219-8411